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About Lisa

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As a southern California native, Lisa’s world-traveling began during college years witnessing the depravity of third world countries which later motivated the founding of the V.I.NE. FOUNDATION, (voices in need everywhere). Presently, venturing into Uganda, Africa, the V.I.NE. FOUNDATION has aided Boanerges Deaf Initiative, (a deaf school/ orphanage) financing plumbing for water, showers, electricity, toilets, and acreage of land to grow and sustain food. Lisa now donates 100% of profits from speaking engagements/ product sales to furthering the cause to aid domestic as well as international needs. Experiencing her own life crisis, Lisa found herself as a single mother raising her daughter in an atmosphere of emotional/financial survival. During this decade of brokenness, her ultimate journey to God began, writing and journaling her way through uncharted territory...




freelance writing

Lisa’s first book emerged, Winds of Change, discerning the seasons of God. Finally understanding the Hand of God and the glorious purpose of the transformation process triumphantly turning what was meant for evil, God turned for good. Amidst the dark night of the soul, Lisa reveals the seasons of God: the pruning in winter, planting in spring, abundance in summer, and ultimate surrender in fall to a sold-out life of destiny. Shortly after her second book, Unstick Your Stuck Life, the Esther Project emerged as a 7 step guide to living the life of your dreams. unashamedly having it all-beauty, passion, purpose, prosperity and love. Lisa teaches workshops alongside a community of leaders/mentos/ ministers in Newport Beach, CA, Laguna Beach, CA and Austin Texas. As an avid storyteller, Lisa believes nothing reveals the truth better than real life. THE HAMILTON POST MAGAZINE was conceived as an inspirational, entertaining, empowering magazine to be read on a lazy Saturday morning with a fresh cup of brew. Capturing everyday encounters, humorous faux pas, vicarious world travels, unexpected miracles, and beauty tips that actually work, THE HAMILTON POST MAGAZINE allows you to unplug from crazy, cry just because, laugh for no reason, and wind down because you deserve it.

“When it comes down to it, we all just want to UNSTICK OUR STUCK LIFE, laughing and loving God, family, and friends. Isn’t that all there really is?”

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